My Fan Club

the following are people that i have never met that i think deserve major props...

cartoonist aaron mcgruder. creater of "boondocks" & unbeknownst to him, my boyfriend.

oliver sachs. a writer and an imaginative neurologist filled with curiosity.


edward gorey. draws mesmerizing creepy sketches.

malcolm x. a brillant mind, orator, & an enigma.

ira glass of this american life. radio crack it is.

ella fitzgerald: my favorite all-time singer

phillip seymore hoffman: in my opinion the best actor alive today.

elizabeth eckford: one of the little rock 9. due to some miscommunication, she attempted to enter the high school alone with mobs calling her names, threating her, & throwing objects. all 9 deserve major kudos. the fact that she attempted to do this alone...that bravery is unparallelled.

edwin moses: 400 meter intermediate hurdles runner. won 107 consecutive finals (122 consecutive races - winning every 400-meter race he entered for 10 years). he set the world record in his event four times. i ran this event in high-school, and i can comfirm that it is one of the most grueling events in track & field.

charles schulz: i spent my youth reading the 25 cents charlie brown/peanuts books. my favorite character was linus - so much in fact that i named my pet after him.

simon wiesenthal: holocaust survivor who spent his life bringing nazi war criminals to justice.
"Please do not turn me into a hero. I do not feel like a hero. In fifty years I have never forgotten, not even for a single day, that I am a survivor."
"You should never mix politics with justice."

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